Unbox new toys with Silly AVAcado (a fun loving toddler), parents can learn quick and easy hairstyles for girls which makes for an easy school morning (perfect for parents on the go), do fun science experiments with Silly AVAcado, learn beginner ballet with Silly AVAcado and her mommy (former professional ballet dancer), learn creative art projects with Silly AVAcado and her daddy (graphic designer) and much more!! Fun videos for children, toddlers, preschoolers, infants, babies and parents to watch!

Silly AVAcado’s favorite things of the moment are lipgloss, anything pink or purple, tiaras and fairy wands, dress up clothes, Kinder Surprise Eggs, getting her fingernails painted, playing with friends, singing, reading, coloring and Play-Doh, Barbie, Disney Princesses, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Snow White, Tinkerbell, Repunzel, Moana, Trolls, Sophia the First, My Little Pony, Polly Pocket, Frozen and Pixar toys and Shopkins to list a few. 🙂

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